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SQL is the most widely sought after technical skill for Business Analysts. 


Project Methodologies: Whats the difference between Waterfall vs. Agile? (video)

Business Analysts should understand the difference between the two main methodologies used to deliver software to the customer. The methodology affects everything that business analysts do, from requirements planning, to document structure and stakeholder analysis. That’s what we cover in this video post. Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel and our Email List […]

Management Objectives for Software Projects (video)

Business Analysts play a major role in software projects. Understanding the 6 Management Objectives gives the BA a clear sense of the goals they should be aiming to achieve during these projects. That’s what we cover in this video post. Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel and our Email List for regular updates. […]

Why I Use My Own Equipment for BA Consulting (re-post from 2016)

Getting the critical items ready for action. This week (in 2016) I spent time getting all my equipment up and running.  This includes getting things out of storage, putting everything together, testing to make sure all the equipment is still good, and then packing it all back together ready for transportation. I’d packed most of it […]

What BA Skills Do You Need? Part 1: Choose an Archetype.

One of the most stress inducing questions that new and aspiring business analysts face is: “What skills do I need to learn to do this job?” The web is full of seemingly conflicting advice, the BA standards organizations throw every skill under the sun at you, and the BA training companies self-servingly push you into […]

Entity Modeling for Business Analysts (State Machine Models)

Every one of us is born into infancy. We move through our childhood, into adolescence, and then we eventually graduate into adulthood.  This is part of our life-cycle. Entities also have life-cycles, and the best way to express the business rules for the life-cycle of an entity is by drawing out a state machine model. […]

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