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Business Analysis Can be Difficult

Some business analysts have a hard time keeping up with the high demands of this sometimes challenging profession.


Most business analysts fail to build a solid foundation for their careers.

Many BA’s fall into their roles accidentally and never get the chance to learn how to do things the right way. The lack of a foundation creates a lot of unnecessary stress.

Where is the help ?

There’s no single cohesive learning path for success.

Most BA training providers offer individual courses designed to teach a narrowly defined skill, but not a fully integrated cohesive program designed to help you build a solid foundation of understanding.

What about the IIBA and PMI ?

Certifications alone are not enough.

The BA standards bodies help to advance our profession by creating frameworks to help set the stage, but certifications alone are not enough to teach you how to be a high performing BA.

The skills you need to perform

We’ve designed the most comprehensive & integrated BA training program to help you create a meaningful and rewarding career in Business Analysis.

Doors will open for enrollment on February 20 2019.

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