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Top 3 Challenges of New Graduate Business Analysts

Today I talk to you about the top three things that new graduate business analysts have trouble with when entering the work world as a business analyst. Top 3 Challenges of New Graduate Business Analysts All of the things that I’m going to talk to you about have to do with the transition that a […]

BA Work Ethic – How Easily Do You Give Up?

Today I want to talk to you about the two characteristics that you should look for in people when you’re looking for good work ethic.   BA Work Ethic You will Learn 2 Characteristics of People with Good Worth Ethic 1 Major Pitfall of people who have good work ethic 2 Characteristics of People with […]

The BLUF Principle – Communicate effectively with management

So today I want to talk to you about what is commonly referred to in military circles as the BLUF Principle and what the word bluff stands for is Bottom Line Up Front. The BLUF Principle The Origin This is a communication principle that is used pretty heavily in the military to make sure that […]

Requirements Risk – How to Manage Risks on Your Project

Today I want to talk to you about risk management and how you as a business analyst can help your project or help your company manage the risks that you see on a project. How to Manage Risks on Your Project This video I’m going to talk to you about the actual steps you should […]

Opportunities For Growth (How To Get Into A Senior Role)

So do you know how to see opportunities for growth inside your own company? That’s the subject of this video. I talk about how intermediate level analysts can spot opportunities for getting into senior roles. Related Video: 3 Attributes of a Senior Business Analyst What Does Your Opportunity For Growth Look Like? I want you […]

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What Business Analyst Skills Do You Need?

Related Video: 3 BA Career Paths One of the most stress inducing questions that new and aspiring business analysts face is: “What business analyst skills do I need to learn to do this job?” The web is full of seemingly conflicting advice, the BA standards organizations throw every skill under the sun at you, and […]

State Modeling for Business Analysts

Every one of us is born into infancy. We move through our childhood, into adolescence, and then we eventually graduate into adulthood.  This is part of our life-cycle. Entities also have life-cycles, and the best way to express the business rules for the life-cycle of an entity is by drawing out a state model (a.k.a […]

Data Modeling for Business Analysts (ERD)

When you hire a professional, you expect them to know how to use the tools of their profession. Your accountant knows how to use accounting software. Your building contractor knows how to use a hammer. When an employer hires a business analyst, they have the same expectations. They expect their BA to be well versed […]

Use Case Modeling for Business Analysts

There’s a right time and place for everything in life. Use Case Modeling is no exception to this rule. New Business Analysts focus far too heavily on use cases as a modeling tool (I know because I’ve done this myself early in my career).  This happens for a few reasons: Every job posting seems to […]

What Enterprise Software Solution?

The IT industry is notorious for using buzz words to describe everything. The word “Enterprise” has fallen victim to this situation. It’s so overused that we’ve now arrived at a point where the word has completely lost all meaning. We’re going to reclaim this word because it’s definition is important to our work as business analysts. […]

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