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Lesson 0.1.1

What is Business Analysis?

Your learning starts at square one. This lesson introduces you to a clear and simple definition of business analysis assuming that you know nothing about the profession. This is the foundational knowledge you need to kick off your career development into the BA profession.

LESSON 0.1.2

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

Next, you get an overview of all the activities that a BA is expected to perform, and all of the materials they are expected to produce. This gives you a clear picture of what you will be actually doing as a BA.

LESSON 0.1.3

Where Does a New Business Analyst Start?

The work of a junior BA is very different from the work of a senior BA. Here you learn about the starting point of most beginner BAs so you can focus your attention on the right place. This lesson also maps out your path to becoming an intermediate BA, and then eventually a senior BA.

LESSON 0.1.4

Are all Business Analysts the Same?

The BA profession has room for professionals of many personality types. Technically focused professionals are a good fit for the BSA role, and people-oriented professionals are a better fit for the BPA role. The "in-betweeners" are a good fit for the Generalist BA role. This lesson helps you decide which is best for you.

LESSON 0.1.5

What Type of Skills Does a Business Analyst Need?

You will need to focus your skills development in different skill areas depending on the type of BA you want to become. This lesson teaches you how to create your skills development plan depending on whether you choose BPA, BSA, or the Generalist BA Archetype.

LESSON 0.1.6

What Type of Knowledge Does a Business Analyst Need?

The type of knowledge that you accumulate also depends on your BA Archetype. This lesson teaches you how to think about your knowledge development strategy depending on whether you want to become a BA, a BSA, or a Generalist BA.


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